Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fest Kin and Fest Head

Hubby and I have just returned from spending ten days unplugging and camping.

We decided, once again, to attend KG (Kaleidoscope Gathering). This year we added on a few days before Fest to chill out and relax, before we began to vend hubby's wares (Herne's Craftes). Several of our friends had the same idea and we ended up creating a space, in the centre of the camp, called the Village Green. This was an excellent place to sit and relax, to talk, laugh and sing. Yes, we did a lot of silly songs and our rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' gained us a round of applause from other campers.

As the evenings became sillier, so did the conversations and we began to build a sentence out of the accidentally created words such as 'poodle noodle' and 'sleepywell'. This became a wonderfully hilarious evening entertainment and a village idiot was crowned each a friendly manner of course.

Throughout the actual Fest, we vended during the day and enjoy the company of friends old and new during the warm summer evenings. There's such a simple pleasure in just sitting around enjoying your Fest Kin or attending workshops, of which there were plenty.

We also battled mosquitoes, porta potty's (T.U.R.D.I.S. lol) and cold showers. We enjoyed raising horns of mead, drinking bottles of wine/beer and cooling swims in the beautiful river.

As usual, at the end of KG, we come away with our hearts full of laughter, good memories and our minds still too relaxed for modern day living...hence the Fest Head.

Now we're back home and the world seems small and lonely, the apartment seems to have too many walls and I miss our village and all our friends.

I simply can't wait to do it all again next year. :)


  1. Camping is one of my favourite activities.I really enjoy time spend close to the nature, the fire and the friends gathered together.

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  3. Thanks, London22 and Miller. I agree and it was a wonderful time.

    Thanks also for dropping by. :)