Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weird and weirder...

The other day I was sat in a local shopping mall waiting to pick up something when an older man walked up to me, placed a piece of paper next to me and quietly walked away. He was around sixty, of medium build with grey hair tied back. He looked clean and respectable from the back, which is all I saw.

Picking up the small piece of paper to examine it, I realised it was in a language I couldn't read...possibly Greek. I stuffed it in my pocket, thinking I'd show hubby when I got home and continued with my day, not giving it a second thought.

Upon showing my hubby it later, I decided to try a friend of mine who might be able to translate it. They told me it wasn't Greek but Russian and they asked a colleague to translate it for me. I expected a crazy ramble or an advert for a restaurant or some such thing, what I didn't expect was this translation...
 (A huge thanks goes out to my friend who managed to get it translated.)
psho Wave
city ​​Petrokrepost
red path 2

пшо Волна
город петрокрепость
красный тракт 2

It's an address...yup, an address...in RUSSIA! Apparently, it's the street address of the 'Volna Sewing factory in Petrokrepost, Leningrad province, Russia'.

Freaky and definitely not what you expect to be given in a busy mall, on a Monday, in Canada.

Looking around on the internet, a few others have found these on buses or have been handed them by the grey haired man. So what is it? What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Is it simply a disturbed or senile mind thinking it's making sense or is there more to it?

I have no clue and I think it will probably remain a mystery.

What do you think? :)


  1. Curiouser and curiouser...
    I have no idea. What a great mystery.

    Ha! My verification word is pickle!!


  2. Today is 29 June 2011, Ottawa, Canada, and I was just approached at 8:45 a.m. on a bus here by this same man who handed this same piece of paper and told me, "You keep this," with a Russian accent.
    I recognized it immediately as Russian and, having a phonetic knowledge of the language, I began to decipher it as I walked to work. Upon a very short Google search, I found this website. I also found that Volna was the name of one of the first Soviet nuclear submarines, was also the name of a Soviet spacecraft, among other things. Perhaps it's a common name. It's Russian for "wave."
    I can't imagine why this old fella is handing them out.

  3. Hi Judy,

    I know, I have to force myself not to think about it now because I know it will remain unsolved...lol.


    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  4. Hello Longtimesailor,

    How very odd that he is going around doing this. Yes, I have found that it's a common Russian name too.

    It just makes you stop and wonder, doesn't it?

    Thanks for taking the time to drop in and comment. :)

  5. very very odd....

    in an odd kinda creepy way.

  6. Hi WyzWmn,

    Yup, very strange indeed.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

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  8. it is indeed strange. It looks like a strange movie with extraterrestrials. They give you a strange address and you are expected to get there. So they can examine you and brainwash you. :) Does it sound scary

  9. Hey Hunter,

    Yup, very strange and I know it is one mystery that will probably never be solved.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  10. Today is 16.11.11. I was taking 95 bus when this old man gave me this paper and left the bus. I was pretty confused because I'm russian and I'm from Saint-Petersburg( which is ex. Leningrad.) So, i actually had a feeling that it might be related to me somehow, because how would he know I'm russian and I'm from saint-p. Well, at least now I know. If he wouldnt left I would talk to him russian and find out, but it seems like i would never know now.

  11. Hi Sashka,

    So you met him too! You are right, it is a shame he didn't hang about, we could have gotten to the bottom of this. Perhaps you will seeing him again one day and get a chance to find out. If you do, please come back and post any information you can.

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to post. :)

  12. Exact same thing happened to me on a bus in Ottawa. Curiouser and curiouser. A friend who knows Russian pointed me to this site. I'll keep my eye on your blog, and maybe someone will solve said mystery.

  13. Hello Kae,

    It's amazing how many people have encountered this gentleman and received one of his strange notes.

    Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to comment. :)

  14. This just happen to my sister today and my cousin posted this link. She lives in Ottawa and was taking the bus and he said the same thing. CRAZY

  15. 'Tis all very odd, isn't it? I just wish he would do it to some who speaks his Russian dialect and can question him.

    Thanks for dropping by and posting. :)

  16. This happened to me last March or so in Ottawa and I just translated it now. How bizarre! I was in the Rideau centre.

  17. Also just to remark, mine had a blue soviet symbol and one red star instead of the anchor.

  18. Hello Alicia,

    It seems that many folks have been approached by him, if only we knew what he was trying to convey. Interesting that yours was slightly different.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop in and comment. :)

  19. I have a friend who works for a Russian man, who's wife worked at that sewing factory, or at the very least knew of it. He told her that the old man apparently had a wife who passed away, and this could be a way of him coping with it. Apparently he does suffer from some kind of a mental disorder, and this is what he has been doing since her death.

  20. I was handed one of those a month ago at Tunney's. At first I though he gave it to me because I was in uniform. I made a mental note to check it out back at the office. I had forgot about it completely until today: he handed one of those to me at the rideau center. I made a bit of research. I found this website. I could not find the sewing factory website but I found this address in Shlisselburg Red path 2-a(Close to or different name for Petrokrepost) Красный тракт, 2-а Shlisselburg, Ло, Russia 187320‎
    Красный тракт, 2-а RUЛоШлиссельбург 187320
    , it is for a grocery store name "Wave"... Any how...I just cannot wrap my head arround the anchor...

    If you meet him again, ask him for his name and post it here. We can do more digging:)


    The R-29R Volna is an ICBM that is delivered with the submarine called Kalmar 667BDR... There is officially three of those subs in service. I assume that the home port is St-Pertersburg. I bet he has notthing to do with this... Volna is a popular word...

  21. I made a facebook page about this... Pickle!


  22. It's happened again. My friend got another one of those notes today. Started doing a little digging and translating it my self and ran into this lovely page. I'm definitely going to get to the bottom of this!

  23. Happened to me today! I asked him if it was a happy note and he said don't understand...address.